What if you prepay for you pellets and the company goes out of business? Will you get your money back?

We do not do prepays. This way if we don’t have the pellets to deliver-you still have your money. Due to past problems with this type of situation at other companies, it would be advisable that you thoroughly check out the company before committing to this type of situation.

What if the pellets you paid to have stored are destroyed due to fire, water or other damage to the facility? Does that facility have insurance to cover your loss or compensate you?

BT does not store pellets for customers, we prefer to move the pellets out so that we can have space for new pellets to come in.

What if you prepay for your pellets and the manufacturer can not deliver due to lack of saw dust?

We do not take your money until you have received your pellets.

What if you get a damaged bag?

We will handle each circumstance accordingly. Please note that you have to have the damaged bags and receipt before we will replace one.

Can you go to your Internet pellet supplier to replace your damaged bag?

That would be a question that should be asked before making a purchase from anyone on the internet. Always verify your information before giving out your credit card information. Most companies will send your credit card information through before they ship the product.