Rock Salt


Premium ice-melting rock salt melts snow and ice down to -40°F

Available in:
22 lbs bag



Ice Melt

Calcium Chloride 94% Pellets

Calcium Chloride 94% pellets works faster and more effectively than any other melting agent.

Its pellet-shape enables it to act deeply, where the ice is bound to the pavement. Once this bind is destroyed, ice can then be removed quickly and effortlessly.
Super De-icer offers clean and effective action, leaving no stains or residue on carpets, floors or trousers.

Effective down to -67°F

Available in:
22 lbs bag

Cougar Ash Vacuum


If you have ever tried to vacuum out your ashes with a vacuum cleaner only to turn around when you are done to see a cloud of ash hovering around your head then you have come to the right spot. The Cougar is the Cadillac of Ash Vacuums. With its quiet design and powerful motor, this is the vacuum of choice.

These vacuums are specifically designed to remove warm to cold ash from wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces and barbecues. There is a definite, simple technique to use for best results.

  • Patented double filter system:
  • Comes complete with a FIRE RETARDANT PRIMARY FILTER.
  • Cleaning rod and pliable filters allow cleaning without removing the lid.
  • 5 ft. FLAME RETARDANT HOSE allows ash to pass through the hose to the canister without damage to the hose.
  • Designed for conventional stoves and fireplaces as well as pellet and corn burning stoves.

The tool package for the ash vacuums makes cleaning your pellet stove, corn stove, wheat stove, or wood stove clean and a dust or ash free process. The tool package includes a horse hair cleaning brush, a pellet stove cleaning hose, and a crevice tool. Click the tool package link for more information.

The replacement filter package for the ash vacuums include 2 filters, a primary and secondary filter. Click the filter package link for more information.

Imperial Starter Fluid 16 oz.

  • $7.50 (tax included)
  • In stock at: Bristol, Suffield

Logik-e Fire Starter

  • Discount Price: $6.50 tax inc. (cash or check payment)
  • Regular Price: $6.50 tax inc.
  • In stock at: Bristol, Suffield

Ideal for wood stoves, fireplaces and camp fires Safe and easy to use Odorless and toxic fume-free. Contains wax and saw dust  Burning time of approximately 15 minutes.

22-26 pieces (sold by weight)

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